Transparent & fair

Of course, anyone who places an order would also like to know how much it will cost, and it is important to me that my customers know what they can expect. However, since the calculation of costs depends on several factors (especially on the text volume), I can only give you a number once I have seen and analyzed the document. You are welcome to send me your text via mail ( or the contact form and I will provide you with a free quote. I will also specify an expected time frame.

In the following, I give you an overview of my calculation method, so that you have an idea of the costs. Please keep in mind that these are approximate valuesThe individual offer is always decisive.  


Invoicing per word

I generally charge 12 cents per word. Deviations in text length between source and target text are quite normal. By using the source text (and not the target text) as a basis for the calculation, I ensure that there will be no unexpected costs for you.

Apart from the text length, there are some other factors that influence the costs. 
Surcharge* may be necessary:

•       if the text is not provided to me in an editable format, e.g. in case of PDF or JPG files, since I will then have to convert the text into the right format before starting. Therefore, a Word file is ideal, but I can also process a series of other format types with my tools. Just ask me about it!

•       in the case of very short deadlines and work on weekends. In very urgent cases outside usual business hours, a surcharge may become necessary. Of course, I will indicate this in my quote. You can avoid this by planning ahead and sending me the text as early as possible.  

•       based on the level of specialization. Indicators for the level of specialization are the number of technical terms or the complexity of the syntax used.

*Why I work with surcharges:

If I used a lump-sum price per word, I would have to calculate an average price which would be higher than the base rate of 12 cents. In order for you to pay only what you get, I work with additional costs for additional work. In this way, I can ensure fair and transparent price.

Certified translations

Authorized translations of certificates are calculated differently.
Their price is calculated in accordance with the provisions of the German Judicial Remuneration and Compensation Act (

Basic price: € 1.80 per standard line (i.e. 55 characters).
The price per line is increased according to the abovementioned criteria.

Minimum price: €20.00 per purchase

Invoicing per hour

There are a few cases in which it makes more sense to calculate the costs for activities based on an hourly rate, as the time required does not always align with the text volume. Editing and proofreading is just this type of activity, because the time required depends on the number of necessary changes. Marketing translations also belong to this kind of activity, since translating a slogan of four words requires more time than translating four words in a “normal” text. 

I can give you further details in my quote after analyzing your text.


For translation agencies

In case of regular or extensive projects, we can agree on quantity discounts.

If you provide me with Translation Memories, the price can be calculated according to the match types.