Certified translations

Certified translations are translations of public documents such as marriage, death or birth certificates, ID cards, diplomas, etc. that bear the stamp of an authorized translator and are acknowledged by public authorities and courts. You need sworn translations, for example, if you are from another country and want to get married in Germany, if you want to immigrate, and for a number of other matters.
As an authorized translator, my translations are acknowledged not only throughout Germany but also in many other countries.  You can ask the competent authority whether they acknowledge translations made by German sworn translators.  In some cases, a legalization or Apostille might be necessary additionally. Please ask the authority in question (i.e. the one where you present the translation) whether this is the case.

Specialized translations

Thanks to my master’s degree in Specialized Translation at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences, I am an expert in specialized language and terminology. My special focus is on Law,  but I also offer translations in other specialist areas

Just submit your request via mail or the contact form on this website, and I will tell you whether I am the right person for your text.

General communication

Be it in private or business communication, a translation can be beneficial or even essential in quite a few scenarios. Mails in globally active enterprises, letters to relatives abroad, journal articles… 

My translations always correspond to the respective text type and target group. In this way, I operate as a mediator in many situations.

Book translations

I offer literary translations of different types of books, such as specialized books and novels. Thanks to my close cooperation with authors and publishers when it comes to the planning and implementation of projects, outstanding results can be accomplished.

Reach even more readers with the translation of your book.

Marketing translations

Translations in the field of marketing are quite different from other kinds of translation. The translation of marketing texts is also called transcreation (translation + creativity).

Creativity and a sense of cultural peculiarities are essential in order to directly address your target groups and convince them of your products/services. Become your readers’ first choice by treating them like yours: adapt your marketing texts to them instead of adopting them straight from another language.

Website translations

In order to keep up in a globalized business world and be active beyond the borders of your own country, your website needs to be available in the languages of your target groups. It is only with a multilingual website that each target group understands the value of your product or service. Customers feel more comfortable when conversing in their own mother language and are therefore more likely to place their trust in companies that address them in their own language. The translation of your website and online shop shows customers that communication with your company will be easy, not only when placing an order but also for future queries.

How does it work?

You send me one or several texts and specify the target language.

I look over the text(s), calculate the costs, and provide you with a quote.

You are free to confirm the quote or ask further questions.

Once confirmed, I will start translating…

       … and send you the final translation together with the invoice.

You pay the invoice via bank transfer or (if you come to my office) in cash.

Do you have questions or feedback? Please feel free to call/mail me. Customer satisfaction is my top priority!